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I’m an admitted practical joker. I go to meetings for the affliction, and receive treatments.

As part of the treatment process, we’re required to make a list of some practical jokes we’ve pulled in the past. Here are a couple……………

I once put a blob of Vaseline in the receiver section on my bosses telephone handset, then called his number. When our co-workers saw Bob sitting at his desk, with an ear full of Vaseline, some of the smartest brains  in the bunch proceeded to  inquire about his sex life, or the lack thereof.

Another time, on my way home from work, while stopped at our local grocery store; I recognized my wife’s car in the parking lot, took my own set of keys, got into her car, pulled it out of the parking space, and just turned it around, 180. When my wife came out of the store with a bag of groceries in her arms, she stood there for at least five minutes, just starting at her car.  She knew something was wrong, but….in her words “just couldn’t put my finger on it”.  I was in my truck,  a safe distance away, watching…..laughing…..and eventually……… trembling.

As another part of my treatment, an outlet, so-to-speak, I’ve started this blog, trying to detail some of the whimsical parts of life. Not my life, but those of other peoples, or circumstances. Except for the occasional laugh I get in the morning while shaving, my life is pretty boring.

I’m a little self conscious about blogging, because I’m new at it, so give me a break.

I worry about my writing style (if you could call it that), and grammer.  I’ve always been a fair speller and with spell-check, writing is a little easier than it used to be.

Any comments on writing, spelling, or life in general…on the funny side of course…would be appreciated.

C. Allen Benson


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