Frontal Nudity in Downtown Asheville

My wife and I checked into the Hampton Inn on the outskirts of Asheville during our first trip ever, to Asheville, N.C. We  wanted to visit the Biltmore, a gift to my wife from me, and do a little shopping downtown.

As we were checking-in at the front desk we overheard a couple who were in the process of checking-out, asking the clerk about a woman in down-town Asheville, walking around bare-breasted. “It’s not you-know, illegal here in Asheville,” the clerk answered. “And you’re not the first one’s that’s asked about her either. She comes out about this time every Summer for a couple of weeks you-know, then goes back to where-ever-it-is she belongs. There’s been you-know, a couple of complaints from businesses downtown but for the most part, they just you-know, ignore her.”

My wife and I took casual note of the conversation and went back to tending our own business, and looking forward to visiting the Biltmore, doing some shopping downtown, and oh yes…the inevitable wine tasting experience.

It took a good part of the morning to make it through the whole house at the Biltmore. The mansion was a little on the warm side…being the middle of June and all, but we took it all in stride. We wound-up outside at the stables next to the courtyard area. I seated myself at a table off to the side, got myself a mint tea and enjoyed the cooling breeze while my wife engaged herself with the gift shop.

After lunching at the Deerpark Resturant, we headed on downtown for more shopping. I was missing my regular afternoon nap, which means that my awareness of downtown Asheville was somewhat dulled… and for the moment, I was content to just chauffeur. This was after-all, a “gift” trip for my darling wife.

“THERE SHE IS, my wife yelled! “SLOW DOWN!  That woman over there.  She’s not wearing a bra. Do you see that woman on the bus bench?” my wife gawked loudly. Look at her…she’s bra-less.”

My awareness returned with a snap and I almost hit a parked cop car. “Turn around! Go back,” my wife yelled. “I want to see if what I think I saw is really what I saw. Get closer.”

“What’ya mean get closer?” I yelled,….half believing what my wife was asking me to do. “For what possible reason on God’s green Earth could you possibly have for……….

I didn’t get a chance to finish. The half nude woman began chasing our car. She was flopping-about and running after us…hands waving in the air. “C. Allen…C. Allen…is that you? C. Allen….high school…remember?  History Class. Long time no-see….C. Allen…………………

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