In rush hour traffic I’ve noticed that it’s okay for one driver to be rude to another driver, if that act of rudeness is followed by an obnoxious hand gesture resembling an unmeaningful,  “I think I’m better than you”, wave.

You ever have anyone cut in front of you in traffic so fast, you have to slam on your brakes?  I have.  They usually don’t give a signal, and most likely don’t even “give-a-damn.”

Their rudeness is usually followed by a wave in the rear view mirror, like they’re thanking you for letting them cut in front of you when…. .you didn’t.

Don’t wave back.  Give them a glaring stare instead.  (You thought I was going to suggest another type of gesture, didn’t you?)


Expiration Date:

I picked up a can of hominy at Kroger the other day and was reading the label.  Hell!  The BEST IF USED BY  date was seven years hence.  When you get my age, little things like that will sober you up fast.  Just to think that my EXPIRATION DATE might be sooner than that can of hominy is downright scary.



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